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We have an ongoing improvement program of our practices. We recycle boxes and packing material for outgoing shipments. We donate excess packing materials to local non-profits and e-tail businesses. We use recycled content boxes and bags for customers, actively recycle over 80% of our waste stream, and have instituted a program for the replacement of lamps within our store to compact fluorescent from halogen. Recently, we have begun a consolidated delivery schedule and have reduced the number of miles driven significantly. We are adding a growing number of recycled and sustainably manufactured products to our inventory.

We have always thought our greatest contribution has been an adherence to the idea that we should all buy fewer things, but they should be of higher quality. We believe that well designed and crafted products last longer, perform better, are enjoyed more, and are less expensive in the long run. The most environmentally sound products are often those that you don’t need to replace.

A few of our “green” products

Illume candles
ILLUME candles are crafted from a natural-wax formulation of soy, palm and beeswax or food-grade paraffin, using only cotton and paper-core wicks to allow for a cleaner burn. Illume candles are blended with essential oils and contain only lead-free cotton or paper-core wicks.

Zak! Design
Large Confetti Mixing Bowl
This mixing bowl is just one product from Zak! Design that exemplifies our commitment to bringing you “green” products. Made with recycled melamine.

Rosy Rings
Spicy Apple Botanical Candle
Rosy Rings is committed to recycling all the plastic, metal, glass and cardboard used in its production facility; using biodegradable shipping popcorn and when possible reuses shipping materials. Their candles are made with natural products like beeswax and vegetable waxes. All of our container candles are poured with a vegetable wax blend and the glass bottles contain 40% recycled glass.

Heather Ramsay Jewelry
Heather Ramsay designs include components made from recycled printed fancy food tins, sterling silver, precious metal mixed with recycled aluminum, natural stones, and colorful glass.

Totally Bamboo
Bamboo is 16% harder than maple, making it perfect for a cutting surface. Bamboo holds the promise of a sustainable, cost effective and ecologically responsible alternative to the widespread clear cutting of our world’s precious timberland.

High-quality reusable shopping bags, spreading the eco-friendly message with pizzazz.