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Privacy Policy

The Inkwell Home Store believes that everyone’s personal information should remain just that, personal. By taking the time to share our Privacy Policy statement, updated August 2008, with you we hope to educate you about how we gather and use information. If you have any questions as to how this might affect you, which are not answered in our privacy policy please contact us.

We collect information from you in several different ways. When you make a purchase, join the registry, complete a survey, or join our newsletter mailing lists, you are choosing to release, to us, information. This information enables us to complete your transactions, and respond to your inquiries. Above all, it allows us to offer a higher level of customer service by handling returns more quickly, understanding your product preferences, and sending you information that may be of particular interest. Finally, combining the information gathered from our entire customer database guides us in customizing our services to better serve you.

Occasionally we will send out information about our company, current offers, or news related items. This information might be in the form of electronic mail, or direct mail. If you would prefer not to receive information from our company you may choose to opt-out of our mailing list at any time by updating your customer information accordingly. The Inkwell Home Store does not sell, or release, our customer information because we believe you should have control over who your information is released to.

As changes occur both in life and in business, so to will there be a need to update our privacy policy. Therefore, we reserve the right to change, amend, or delete any and all of our privacy policy at anytime. The updated policy will then be in effect for all current and past users, and will replace any previous policies that are inconsistent.